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Stop wasting your time and MONEY$

 kyle schuelke created this firm after experiencing this dilemma himself.

We have found the  solution to lead generation and now are spreading the word helping as many SB owners as 

humanly possible.

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It's the holiday season

Phoenix solutions is doing it big this holiday season on all platforms. Give Give and help people give some more!

-Ky Phoenix


Lead generation is something for every business. at least every business that wants to make money. well i have mastered this art and my team will help your business take "it" to the next level.

lead generation

Check out this great video

This video gives example and takes it to the next level

This is a video that takes it to 

very basics of what we do. When

you sign up with the Phoenix you 

will have implicit detail, (as much as you require) on our workings and strategy.